2021 3rd International Conference on Engineering Education and Innovation (ICEEI 2021) was held during July 10-12, 2021, which is technically sponsored by Innovation Centre for Engineering Education at Seoul National University successfully. Given the current global outbreak of the virus, this year's conference, which was supposed to be held in Seoul, was organized as a fully virtual conference.
This year, 4 keynote speeches have been delivered by Prof. Thomas Kang (South Korea), Prof. Atsuko K. Yamazaki (Japan), Prof. Youngjin Lee (USA), and Prof. Jorn Altmann (South Korea). More than 60 presentations from about 20 countries/regions, making this conference truly international. The whole conference was held online in Zoom, the organzing committee also had tests for each presenter in advance to ensure the success of delivery of the conference. For those who had internet problems, a pre-recorded video presentation is accepted as an alternative. Meanwhile, the whole conference had been recorded for conference backup only.